SME: Defensive Tactics / Firearms Instruction / Less than Lethal Munitions, Certified LE Instructor, SC BID
Certified NRA-LE Instructor, Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun
Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor, PPCT, RAD, Controlled Force Level 2, Certified Active Shooter Instructor, Tactical Operators Instructor
Professional Membership: NRA-LE, South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Association

Tim Brooder is an active police sergeant in the Charleston, SC area.  He has served in law enforcement for 16 years. He began his law enforcement career in Goose Creek, South Carolina.  Tim became involved in instruction early in his career with Defensive Tactics and Firearms instruction.  He worked as a SWAT Team member for eight of those years and has assisted in the creation of many of its functions involving the use of handguns, submachine gun, patrol rifle, and sniper rifle. During this time, Tim worked with Threat Management Groups where he was hired as a DT instructor working alongside EOD Operators from the US Navy and Air Force, as well as being a paid technical and police operations advisor on the TV Show Army Wives for

five seasons. Tim has also conducted tactical entry and DT training for a local US Coast guard division. Tim holds several instructor certifications in the field of Defensive Tactics from Hand to Hand, Weapon Retention, Knife Defense, Ground Combative and Pressure Point Control systems.  Tim is a certified NRA-LE instructor holding numerous certifications in the use of firearms.  In addition, Tim has previously been assigned to the Navy under a contract by Alutiiq as part of an Anti-Terrorism Team and held a Top Secret Clearance.  During this time he acted as a Project Manager and was directly responsible for team supervision and creation of his training unit. Finally, Tim has a third degree black belt in Bujinkan under the direction of Soke Hatsumi.  Tim has been able to apply many of his teachings in his every day work as a law enforcement officer, and has a great passion for the training environment where he strives to bring a level of realism in all level of instruction.  Tim teaches under on simple rule “In each and every encounter I seek knowledge”, and is eager to assist today’s law enforcement officer become a more skilled and professional member of the law enforcement community.