All of us at Global Police Solutions, LLC, would like to thank you for all that you do for your agencies, your officers, your communities, and for law enforcement in general. Policing in this day and age is more difficult than say, 20-30 years ago. Unfortunately, today’s society is a very litigious one. Your officers are put under a microscope it seems, for almost everything they do, and one of the first things they look at, is training. Have your officers received training in the area they are being scrutinized in; is this training documented and was it an accepted or an approved course of instruction by an accredited law enforcement training academy. Having been a Training Sergeant and a Training Lieutenant of a large police department, I can assure you, these are the issues defense and civil liability attorneys will look at to determine if they have a case against you and or your officers.

Global Police Solutions was formed in March of 2011 with one thought in mind; provide our fellow brothers and sisters in law enforcement with realistic, “Hands On”, professional instruction from certified law enforcement instructors. All of our instructors are SME’s in their respected fields of instruction, and have just recently retired from law enforcement, or, are still on the job honing their skills either in uniform, or at the University level. We know if we engage our students and get them involved with the class, they will learn more, and ultimately retain more. Our instructors are dedicated professionals, who make your officers feel comfortable in class. We provide student guide books as well as drinks, snacks and giveaways throughout the course, and employ a “Hands On” approach to learning. All of our courses are reviewed and approved through the Standards and Certification section of the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. So, you can be assured your officers are receiving an approved, recognized course of instruction.
We thank you again for all that you do, every day, and every night. Thank you for walking that thin blue line, making a difference, and keeping our citizens safe from the evil that lurks in our communities. As Jesus said to his Disciples in the Beatitudes; “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God”…


James C. Lilley