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James C. (Jim) Lilley


SME: Critical Incident Negotiations
Certified Police Instructor
Certified Firearms Instructor/Armourer
Certified ICITAP Master Instructor
Supervision and Leadership 
Degree:    Bachelor of Science
Area of Study: Criminal Justice
Professional Membership: ILEETA, IAHN                                             

Office: Toll Free: (855) 4GPSTRAINING
Cell: (843) 246-1072

   The Director of Global Police Solutions, Jim brings with him over twenty-five years of law enforcement experience, including three and half years as a Security Policeman/Law Enforcement Specialist, United States Air Force 79’-83’. During his law enforcement career, Jim rose through the ranks from patrolman to the Training Division Commander/Lieutenant with the Horry County Police Department, Horry County South Carolina. Jim is well diversified in law enforcement, as he worked as a Road Patrolman, Corporal, Detective, Major Level Narcotics Task Force Agent, Detective Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, Training Sergeant and as the Training Lieutenant. As the Training Division Commander, Jim was responsible for managing all training for department officers, as well as conducting the departments hiring and promotional process. Jim is a certified Hostage Negotiator, and has over eighteen years of hostage negotiations experience. Jim served nine years as the Team Commander on the HCPD’s Critical Incident Negotiations Team, and helped to train numerous negotiation teams within the State. Jim is a past President of the South Carolina Crisis Negotiators Association, and served as a founding council member of the National Council of Negotiation Associations sponsored by the Department of Justice, where he helped to write national guidelines for hostage negotiation teams across the country.

   In May of 2007, Jim accepted a position with EODT as a Security Supervisor at Camp Shield, Baghdad, Iraq, and later with MPRI as a Senior Police Mentor/Instructor at the Diwaniyah Iraqi Police Training Center, Diwaniyah, Iraq. In July of 2008, Jim transitioned over to DynCorp as a Police Trainer where he served as the Acting Team Lead, Training Team Lead, Acting Regional Commander for Advise and Assist Brigade 5 in South-West Iraq, as well as the Acting Civilian Police Training Team Lead. In 2009 while serving as the Lead Trainer for the Diwaniyah IPTC, Jim was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for Dedication and Initiative from Lieutenant General Helmick, Commanding General, Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq. Jim brings with him over three years of International Police training and management experience, and is eager to parlay his practical knowledge into quality training for those law enforcement officers who strive to be acknowledged as true professionals in their field.

Contact James C. (Jim) Lilley

Robert “Bob” Gaugler

robert-gauglerSME: Court Certified Expert Organized Criminal Groups & Narcotics Trafficking
Degree: Masters Professional Education Bachelors of Science Business Adm.
Area of Study: Criminal Justice
Professional Membership: FBI National Academy Association Tri State Troopers Association

Captain Robert “Bob” Gaugler is a highly decorated police officer who has over 27 years of law enforcement experience with the New Jersey State Police. Captain Gaugler enlisted as a “Trooper” in 1986, and has risen through the ranks of the New Jersey State Police to his current assignment as the Commander of the Intelligence Section -Official Corruption Bureau. As a veteran in law enforcement, Captain Gaugler possesses extensive leadership and supervisory experience. He provides expertise in criminal investigations, intelligence development, informant development, Homeland Security, and innovative law enforcement practices and procedures. Over the course of his distinguished career, he has held assignments in several high profile investigative units, including Organized Crime, Drug Trafficking, Violent Street Gangs, Cargo Theft & Robbery, Official Corruption and Office of Professional Standards. Captain Gaugler has developed an extensive experience and knowledge of transnational criminal organizations, violent gangs and drug smuggling networks. He is a Court recognized and certified expert in the field of Organized Criminal Groups and Drug Trafficking Techniques. He has created and instituted various strategies to investigate and combat global crime and terrorist activity, enhanced intelligence efforts and provided innovative Homeland Security efforts. Captain Gaugler has also provided training and instruction on topics related to transnational criminal activity, traditional and non-traditional organized criminal groups/gangs, smuggling trends & techniques, and Intelligence-Led Policing to various law enforcement forums and academies. He has Instructed at the International Law Enforcement Academy for the US State Department Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, on the topics of Transnational Organized Crime, Terrorism and Anti-Corruption. Captain Gaugler possesses a proven history of successful partnerships with other law enforcement agencies, jurisdictions, and personnel throughout the United States and abroad. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Executive Leadership School (Session 249), and holds a Masters of Professional Education and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degrees from Seton Hall University.

Timothy A. Brooder

Tims-Bio-PicSME: Defensive Tactics / Firearms Instruction / Less than Lethal Munitions, Certified LE Instructor, SC BID
Certified NRA-LE Instructor, Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun
Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor, PPCT, RAD, Controlled Force Level 2, Certified Active Shooter Instructor, Tactical Operators Instructor
Professional Membership: NRA-LE, South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Association

Tim Brooder is an active police sergeant in the Charleston, SC area.  He has served in law enforcement for 16 years. He began his law enforcement career in Goose Creek, South Carolina.  Tim became involved in instruction early in his career with Defensive Tactics and Firearms instruction.  He worked as a SWAT Team member for eight of those years and has assisted in the creation of many of its functions involving the use of handguns, submachine gun, patrol rifle, and sniper rifle.  During this time, Tim worked with Threat Management Groups where he was hired as a DT instructor working alongside EOD Operators from the US Navy and Air Force, as well as being a paid technical and police operations advisor on the TV Show Army Wives for five seasons. Tim has also conducted tactical entry and DT training for a local US Coast guard division. Tim holds several instructor certifications in the field of Defensive Tactics from Hand to Hand, Weapon Retention, Knife Defense, Ground Combative and Pressure Point Control systems.  Tim is a certified NRA-LE instructor holding numerous certifications in the use of firearms.  In addition, Tim has previously been assigned to the Navy under a contract by Alutiiq as part of an Anti-Terrorism Team and held a Top Secret Clearance.  During this time he acted as a Project Manager and was directly responsible for team supervision and creation of his training unit. Finally, Tim has a third degree black belt in Bujinkan under the direction of Soke Hatsumi.  Tim has been able to apply many of his teachings in his every day work as a law enforcement officer, and has a great passion for the training environment where he strives to bring a level of realism in all level of instruction.  Tim teaches under on simple rule “In each and every encounter I seek knowledge”, and is eager to assist today’s law enforcement officer become a more skilled and professional member of the law enforcement community.

Clinton E. Beach

clintonSME: Certified Police Instructor
Pedestrian Crashes
White Collar Crime & Identity Theft
Coach, Trainer and Consultant in all areas of Physical Fitness

 Education: Associates Degree in
 Administration of Justice

Clinton currently serves as a Detective in the Major Crimes Division of one of the largest Police Departments in Virginia. During his service he has been selected to serve in patrol, Crash Reconstruction Unit, Civil Disturbance Unit, SAR (Search and Rescue Team) and Detective Bureau.  Other areas of expertise include expert testimony in pedestrian crashes.  He is a current Department of Criminal Justice Services instructor and teaches a variety of topics that include White Collar Crime and Identity Theft, in-service training, and fitness related courses.  Prior to being certified as a Police Officer he served in the U.S. Army Reserves as a soldier medic and was called to active duty in support of Operation Desert Storm.  Det. Beach received the Army Achievement Medal during his active duty time in the U.S. Army.  As a professional natural bodybuilder and athlete, Det. Beach has competed and trained with some of the world’s best coaches and trainers during the last 18 years.  In 2009, he set a national record in the Raw Power Lifting Federation for the strict curl event of 155 pounds in the 35-39 age bracket (Law/Fire/Military).  Det. Beach competes at a national level and is a current judge with the National Gym Association.  

Det. Beach has an Associate’s degree in Administration of Justice from Northern Virginia Community College and is working toward obtaining his Bachelor’s degree.  In his free time he works as a coach, consultant, and on-line trainer for his own company, Beach Fitness Factory.  Several of his athletes have been nationally recognized on bodybuilding.com. Clinton is eager to assist security agencies, law enforcement agencies and personnel in their endeavors to become physically fit and educated in the field of Physical Fitness.  “Remember; right now a Bad guy is training and preparing so that when he meets you, he will defeat you. Never Quit/Train to Win/God Bless”

Thomas J. Palmieri

SME:    Certified Security and Threat Analysis
Two-Way Radio Systems

Thomas Palmieri (Tom) was born in Pennsylvania and moved to New Jersey in his early teenage years.  Tom cultivated an interest in radio communications during this time which ultimately led to his Telecommunications career.  After graduating from high school, Tom attended Indiana and West Virginia Institutes of Technology, and then enlisted in the U.S. Army (US Army Security Agency) where he spent tours of duty in the United States, Vietnam and Europe.  Tom received the Army Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service and achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant, E-6.

After his honorable discharge, Tom joined AT&T for a 25 year career in Regional Operations & Engineering, and Headquarters Network Engineering.  After retiring from AT&T Tom worked in Commercial and Public Safety two-ray radio, then joined Sprint-Nextel to continue his telecommunications career.  Tom held various positions at Sprint-Nextel, including Operations Manager and Senior Operations Manager, South East Region, finishing his career with a Headquarters assignment as an RF Operations Personal Safety and Security Specialist.

Tom attended numerous management and technical courses, as well as the DHS and FEMA Basic and Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment, and is scheduled to attend Basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) in June, 2011. Tom brings an incredible amount of knowledge and experience to Global Police Solutions, and is eager to assist law enforcement officers, security personnel, civilians, businesses and corporations in the field of Security and Threat Analysis.

Mario De Lucia

Mario De LuciaSME: Criminal Investigation

Mario is a retired Police Detective from the New York City Police Department.  After serving as a Patrolman for the first several years of his career, Mario worked in the investigation aspect of police work, completing his career with the Manhattan Warrant Squad, Violent Predator Task Force, and then as a Squad Detective in Brooklyn North’s Bedford-Stuyvesant area, where he specialized in Robbery and Homicide investigations.  In the mid 1990’s, Mario took a one year leave from the Police Department to work with the United Nations in Bosnia, where he was the Human Rights Investigator in Central Bosnia.  Upon his retirement from the New York City Police Department, after months of evidence collection at the World Trade Center sites in New York City, Mario relocated to East Tennessee.  He served as a Patrolman with the City of Oak Ridge, before taking an assignment with the U.S. State Department in Iraq.  During his three and a half year tenure as a Police Advisor and Senior Trainer in Iraq, Mario served more than two years as the Inspector General for Police Training and Advisory Mission country-wide. 

In addition to any college-based education, most of which has been obtained at the Central Texas College and University of Maryland European campuses while serving as a Military Policeman in Germany, and John Jay College of Criminal Justice, through the New York City Police Department; Mario brings with him, a tremendous amount of police experience and a wealth of Criminal Investigation experience. He is eager to assist police officers in their endeavors to become well educated in the field of law enforcement and more professional servants of the public trust.
CONTACT Mario De Lucia

Mark S. Reece, PhD

mark reeceSME: Public Affairs and Administration
Certified Police Instructor
Certified ICITAP Master Instructor
Supervisor and Administrator Leadership Development 
Degree: PhD
Area of Study: Public Affairs and Administration

Dr. Reece holds four (4) academic degrees, most recent a Doctor of   Philosophy in Public Affairs and Administration from Western Michigan University.  His research concentrations were Racial Profiling: the Michigan Department of State Police response and the Economic Impacts of Casino Gaming on Rural Michigan Communities. As Deputy Director of the Benton Harbor Police Department, he completed thirty-five (35) years of Michigan police experience added to time with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department, the Michigan Department of State Police. He served sixteen (16) years as a street officer specializing in criminal investigations, automobile theft, and narcotics. The following fourteen (14) years involved mid-level supervision and international law enforcement  planning.  His most recent service involved municipal law enforcement, dispatch operations, emergency management, and homeland security in Berrien County, Michigan. He has accumulated a wide range of skills, talent and experience during this career.  His instructional experience with the Michigan Department of State Police involved Supervisor and Administrator Leadership development training.  He has been an instructor in firearms, marine safety, auto theft, criminal investigation, narcotics, criminal database management, community policing, school resource liaison, ethics, project management, and planning.  Dr. Reece co-authored department organizational texts Uniform Sergeant Operational Skills Manual, and the Property-Evidence Handbook. A current member of the CIVPOL Alumni Association and past member of the Police Futurists International (PFI), International Association of Law Enforcement Planners (IALEP), and the International Association of Chiefs of Police, State and Provincial Police Planning Officers where he held the North Central Board Chairmanship for three (3) years.  He holds an International Master Instructor certificate from the International Criminal Investigation and Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) He contracted with Military Professional Resources Incorporated (MPRI), of Alexandria, Virginia in February 7, 2008 to provide instructional assistance in northern Iraqi under the U.S. Department of Justice, instructing Kurdish Assayh Police Administration and Command.  His extended stay in Baghdad, Iraq with DynCorp International and the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office developed senior management curriculum for the Baghdad Police College.
CONTACT Dr. Mark S. Reece

Joe Phillips

joeSME:  Command Management, Program Administration, Investigation
Degree:  Bachelor of Science
Area of Study:  Criminal Justice Administration


Joe retired from the California Highway Patrol at the rank of Captain after 33 years of service.  During the course of his career he served as a patrol officer, investigator, field supervisor, investigative supervisor, field operations and executive lieutenant and as a Section/Area Commander.  While assigned to CHP Headquarters as a Section Commander, Joe was responsible for program evaluations (air operations, drug interdiction, canine and other major programs), and managed the CHP’s Legal Coordination and Fiscal Audit units.  Joe was assigned as an Area Commander at three CHP field offices.  He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from San Diego State University and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.  He has chaired several public safety associations including the San Diego County Investigator’s Association, the San Luis Obispo County Emergency Medical Services Agency Committee and the San Luis Obispo County Chief Law Enforcement Administrator’s Association.  Joe served as an Army infantryman during the Vietnam era and was assigned as an International Police Advisor at Habbaniyah, Iraq, and as the Lead Advisor/Mentor at the Al Kut Regional Training Center at Forward Operating Base Delta, Iraq. 
Joe offers extensive general law enforcement and management experience that will be applied to the classroom setting.  He is eager to parlay his practical knowledge into quality training for those police officers who strive to be acknowledged as true professionals in their field.
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Peter J. Cestare, Specialist

peter cestareSME: Crime Scene Investigation
Crime Scene Documentation
Crime Scene Reconstruction
Blood Pattern Analysis
Evidence Collection, Handling and Processing
Evidence Preservation
Court Room Presentation
Chain of Custody

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Area of Study: Criminal Justice, Psychology – Clinical and Profiling

Specialist Cestare is actively employed in law enforcement in the State of South Carolina as the Commanding Officer of the Crime Scene Investigations Unit and the Property & Evidence Section of the Horry County Police Department. Specialist Cestare assists in the investigation of homicides and violent crimes and specializes in crime scene reconstruction, photography, preservation of evidence, evidence handling and processing, casting of tire and shoe impressions, latent prints, blood pattern analysis, and trajectory analysis. He is charged with the forensics portion of the investigation, from arrival at the scene all the way through providing expert testimony at trial. He is required to preserve, collect, process, testify and present evidence in court. All of these skills are applied to physical evidence to determine if the evidence matches the version of events provided by victims, witnesses, or suspects. Specialist Cestare began his career in law enforcement over 30 years ago having started 1981 in the New York City Housing Authority Police Department where the concept of vertical patrol evolved. He retired from the City of New York, where he was a Detective Commander in charge of the Major Case Investigations Unit / Elevator Vandalism Squad. While Commander of the Elevator Vandalism Squad, he specialized in mechanical injury / death investigations involving elevator systems and elevator shafts. He has conducted over 1000 elevator related fatality and injury investigations. In addition, he was responsible for conducting site security surveys, elevator and building vandalism investigations for all New York City Public Housing locations. During his tenure with New York City, he was twice awarded the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Police Officer, the NYC Medal of Honor, and the NY Yankees Medal of Honor. Several of Specialist Cestare’s cases have been featured in documentaries, news shows and prime time specials. He is a published author in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. He brings with him a tremendous amount of insight into the field of forensics and crime scene investigations. Specialist Cestare holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Empire State College, the State University of New York, in Criminal Justice and Psychology.  Specialist Cestare has worked with city, county, state, and federal governmental agencies in various law enforcement aspects and criminal investigations. He is eager to assist security agencies, law enforcement agencies and personnel in their endeavors to become well educated in the field of crime scene investigations and forensics.  “Instilling professionalism through training”.
CONTACT Peter J. Cestare

Ron Wilson

ron WilsonSME: Politics, Law and Government
Degree:    Juris Doctor
Area of Study: Law, Criminal Justice, Government

Professor Wilson is a retired police officer from the city of Dearborn, Michigan. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Madonna University, a Master of Arts from the University of Detroit-Mercy, and a Juris Doctor from the College of Law at Michigan State University. Although Professor Wilson has been licensed to practice law for more than 25 years, he no longer practices law, but has devoted his time to teaching Pre-Law, American Government, and various criminal justice classes. Professor Wilson is a past chairman of the Criminal Justice Department at Colorado Northwestern where he not only taught classes within the degree program, but was in charge of the Colorado basic police academy, the out-of-state certification program, and the National Park Service Ranger Training Academy. Professor Wilson continues to teach in Colorado via webcam. 
Professor Wilson brings with him a tremendous amount of insight into the inner workings of city, county, state, and federal governmental agencies, and is eager to assist police officers in their endeavors to become well educated in the field of law enforcement.  “Instilling professionalism through training”.
CONTACT Ron Wilson

John (Robbie) Caulder II

Robbie CaulderSME: Certified Police Instructor

Fingerprint Recognition
Crime Scene Reconstruction
Blood Pattern Analysis/Recognition
Ten Print Examination
Forensic Photography
Digital Imaging of Evidentiary Photography

Degree:    Bachelor of Science

Area of Study:
Criminal Justice
Forensic Science
AA Degree in Criminal Justice(Crime Scene)

Senior Investigator Caulder is actively employed in law enforcement in the State of South Carolina as a Senior Investigator in the Crime Scene Investigations Unit of the Horry County Police Department. Robbie assists in the investigation of homicides and violent crimes and specializes in crime scene reconstruction, forensic photography, fingerprint examination, casting of tire and shoe impressions, latent prints, and blood pattern analysis. He is charged with the forensics portion of the investigation, from arrival at the scene all the way through providing expert testimony at trial. He is required to preserve, collect, process, testify and present evidence in court. All of these skills are applied to physical evidence to determine if the evidence matches the version of events provided by victims, witnesses, or suspects. Senior Investigator Caulder began his career in law enforcement over 18 years ago and has been declared an expert witness in the court of General Sessions in Fingerprint Recognition, Crime Scene Reconstruction, and Marijuana Analysis. He brings with him a tremendous amount of education and training into the field of forensics and crime scene investigations, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the American Military University in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Science, as well as an Associates degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Crime Scene. Senior Investigator Caulder has worked with city, county, state, and federal governmental agencies in various law enforcement aspects and criminal investigations. He is eager to assist security agencies, law enforcement agencies and personnel in their endeavors to become well educated in the field of crime scene investigations and forensics.  “Instilling professionalism through training”.

Gregory S. (Gregg) Jordan

gregg jordanSME: Supervision & Management
Active Shooter Response
Basic and Advanced Firearms Techniques

Degree: Bachelors of Science Criminal Justice

Area of Study: Public Administration, Criminal Justice

Professional Membership: International Association of Chiefs of Police
International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors
Fraternal Order of Police

Gregory S. (Gregg) Jordan is a highly decorated police officer who has over 32 years of law enforcement, military & private security experience in the United States and the Middle East.  Jordan began his career as a Deputy Sheriff in Georgia in 1981, and has risen through the ranks in each organization where he has served. Gregg also serves as a training consultant for Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security Organizations in the areas of Supervision & Management, Training Program Development & Management and Active Shooter Response.  Gregg attained the position of Chief with the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team while serving in Iraq with the US Department of Justice’s International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program and the US State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics & Law Enforcement.  As a veteran in law enforcement, Gregg possesses extensive leadership and supervisory experience. He provides expertise in Executive Level Management and Front Line Supervision, Training Program Development and Management and all aspects of Firearms Instruction.   Over the course of his distinguished career, he has held assignments in   Communications, Corrections, Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Narcotics, Internal Affairs, SWAT and Training. Gregg has successfully served as the director of multiple Police Academies, as  “start up” projects and to correct those that were not functioning at an acceptable level.  He has also served as an Instructional Consultant for Georgia State University.  He was awarded The Joint Civilian Service Commendation Medal for his achievements in Iraq training members of the Iraqi Police Service.  He is a program graduate from The Southern Police Institute at The University of Louisville and holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.  Gregg is pursuing a Masters degree in Public Administration and maintains an active law enforcement certification.


Bruce DeShields

bruce deshields bioSME: Crisis Negotiations
Interview and Interrogation
Degree: Bachelors of Arts.
Area of Study: Criminal Justice
Professional Membership:  Delaware Valley Association of Crisis Negotiators,
International Association of Homicide Investigators,

   Captain Bruce K. DeShields is a highly decorated law enforcement officer who has over 33 years of law enforcement experience. Captain DeShields began his law enforcement career in 1982 with the Richard Stockton Police Department where he worked in the patrol division. In 1984 he transferred to the Department of Human Services Police Department where he worked in the patrol and detective divisions. Captain DeShields joined the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office in August of 1989. His early assignments included the Litigation Unit, and Crimes Against Children Unit. In June of 1995, Captain DeShields was assigned to the Major Crime Unit where he investigated homicides, suspicious deaths and officer involved shootings for the next 18 years. Rising through the ranks as an Investigator, Sergeant and Lieutenant. Captain DeShields became a certified Negotiator in 1994. Over the next twenty years, he has trained extensively in the field of Crisis Negotiations. He has written Crisis-negotiations policies utilized by the law enforcement agencies in Atlantic County and adopted by various agencies in New Jersey. He is the Atlantic County Negotiator Team Commander and works closely with various negotiation teams throughout the country. Captain DeShields is currently the Commander of the Guns, Gangs Narcotics Unit as well as the Intelligence and Homeland Security Units. As a veteran in law enforcement, Captain DeShields possesses extensive leadership and supervisory experience. He provides expertise in criminal investigations, interview and interrogation, crisis negotiations and innovative law enforcement practices and procedures. Captain DeShields possesses a proven history of successful partnerships with other law enforcement agencies, jurisdictions, and personnel throughout the United States and abroad, and is eager to assist law enforcement officers around the globe become highly skilled, professional law enforcement officers.

Greg Bennett

greg bennett bioSME:Police Trainer
Disciplines of Fire Fighting
CBRNE/Haz-Mat Response
Incident Command/Management
Education: Master’s Degree: Human Resources, Training & Development
Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice

   Greg is a retired Lieutenant from the Middlesex County (NJ) Sheriff’s Office. With 25 years of law enforcement and 28 years of fire service Experience, Greg adds a unique level of experience to the GPS Instructor Staff. He began his law enforcement career as an Officer in the county jail, and later became a parole officer supervising both juvenile and adult caseloads. Greg then joined the Sheriff’s Office and rose through the ranks. During his tenure, Greg received an MCSO Unit Citation and FOP Life Saving Award for a CPR save in the courthouse.  Greg served as a Field Training Officer, Medical Team Leader, Response Team Leader and Fire Liaison.  After his promotion to sergeant, he served as the MCSO Liaison to the Middlesex County Counterterrorism Task Force until his retirement.  He was the Commander of the Main Courthouse, Family Courthouse and Transportation Divisions of the MCSO and was assigned to complete Buffer Zone Protection Plans to secure potential terrorist target sites in his county.  He served as the Commander of the MCSO 40 member Rapid Deployment Team as part of the NJ Secure the Cities Initiative.  He served as the sole MCSO instructor for all areas of Incident Command and Management; Domestic Preparedness and Response; Hazardous Materials; CBRNE; Radiological/Nuclear Awareness; Respiratory Protection; Counterterrorism Awareness and Emergency Response to Terrorism. Greg authored several policies and procedures and Co-authored several successful federal grants. With 14 years of experience as a Staff Chief and Chief of Department for the Helmetta (NJ) Fire Department, as well as serving as an instructor at the Middlesex County Fire Academy, Greg is eager to pass on his expertise to both the Law Enforcement and Fire Service communities.

Dr. Harry (Nick) Spring

Nick Spring bioSME:Psychology, PTSD Recognition and Treatment
Education: Associate of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry
Bachelor of Science
Master of Psychology
Doctor of Education in Psychology
Area of Study: Psychology
Professional Membership: Clinical Member of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

   Dr. Harry S. (Nick) Spring has been applying psychological expertise in clinical, organizational and academic settings for over Thirty five years. His occupational focus includes PTSD recognition and treatment, psychological evaluation, cognitive rehabilitation, psychotherapy, group facilitation and education. He has extensive experience dealing with PTSD patients, and has spent the last five years dealing only with patients experiencing PTSD symptoms. Dr. Spring was Director of The Non-Traditional Program at the University of Mobile, where Dr. Spring served as a professor of psychology and taught courses in Psychology, Counseling, Personality Theories and Marriage/Family Therapy, and has served as a Hospital Administrator in Psychiatric hospitals in California and Florida. Dr. Spring has also has hosted several radio shows in Louisiana, California, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, relating to mental health.  

  Dr. Spring has spent the past 34 years treating patients with PTSD issues and symptoms and helping those patients learn to use techniques that helped them heal and desensitize the memory circuits that held the horrific experience that lead the patient to develop PTSD symptoms, and is eager to parlay his experience and knowledge to helping law enforcement officer’s deal with individuals suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Bert Von Hermann, JD

bertSME:Criminal Law, Civil Law, Courtroom Testimony, Trial Advocacy Instructor, Adjunct Professor, HGTC Criminal Justice Program, National District Attorneys Association Instructor, SCCJA Instructor
Degree: University of South Carolina -
Bachelor of Science In Criminal Justice,
Master’s Degree in Education, and a Juris Doctorate
Professional Membership: National District Attorneys Association, SC Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the SC Trial Lawyers Association

   Bert is an experienced trial attorney having been a supervisor during his employment with the 15 Circuit Solicitor’s Office. During his tenure as a prosecutor he was led counsel in over 100 trials including over 50 murder trials.  Two of these cases were two nationally recognized cases involving homicide by child abuse forging advances in the legal acceptance of accountability of women consuming drugs while pregnant killing an unborn child, as well as advancing a successful prosecution in a Homicide case where the body was not recovered.  During his tenure, he assisted in forming the 15th Circuit Drug Enforcement Unit.
   In 2008 he established The von Herrmann Law Firm and has been involved as a litigation attorney in over 1000 cases both in the civil arena as well as criminal.  During this time, he has been involved in all aspects of criminal and civil litigation including defense of a capital case and several wrongful death cases.

   Throughout his career, he has been a frequent commentator on legal issues in the media.  Moreover, he has been involved as an instructor for the National District Attorneys Association, South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, the 15th Circuit LE training seminar and annual training. His interaction with postgraduate instruction includes being a guest speaker at several events at Coastal Carolina University, Horry Georgetown Technology College where he currently serves as an adjunct professor in the field of criminal justice, and is eager to assist law enforcement in the area of professional Courtroom presentation.


Donna Roman, Captain, CPD

bertSME:Domestic Violence Police Specialist                                             
Certified LE Instructor, Bilingual – English/Spanish,
Published Author, Motivational Speaker
Degree: BS in Criminal Justice, Rutgers University
Phi Beta Kappa Society Inductee May 1998
Professional Membership: ILEETA, IACP, National Coalition of Latino Officers – Executive Board, Hispanic American LE Association – Executive Board, NJ Women in Law Enforcement – Advisory Board, Women in Blue – Founder     

  Captain Donna Roman served in law enforcement for 26 years with the Essex County Police and Caldwell Police Departments in New Jersey. She was the first female officer hired by the Caldwell Police Department and its first female to achieve a command rank within the Department.
Captain Roman possesses extensive leadership, supervisory and investigatory experience. During her tenure as Captain, she was the second in command of the Caldwell Police Department and commanded the Patrol Division/Operations, the Domestic Violence/Victim Services Unit, Dispatch Communications and the Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT). She was the Accreditation Manager and In-Service Domestic Violence Trainer for the Caldwell Police Department and a Police Academy Instructor. Captain Roman was the Essex County Domestic Violence Response Team Coordinator for the NJ Division of Criminal Justice. She organized and trained the civilian volunteer advocates for the West Essex [NJ] Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT). In 2006 Captain Roman was named the 1st Runner-up for the National Positive Award for heroism in the line of duty for rescuing a victim of domestic violence from her batterer. She has extensive experience and knowledge in investigating and prosecuting cases of domestic violence and sexual assault. For 15 years, she was a Police Trainer with the NJ Office of the Attorney General’s Advanced Domestic Violence Training Team, teaching the Fundamentals and Advanced Course for the Investigation and Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases to thousands of law enforcement officers throughout New Jersey.

  Captain Roman is a certified Domestic Violence Police Specialist and a Court Certified Domestic Violence Expert. She is a Master Trainer in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and is certified to teach the 40-hour Domestic Violence Response Team Training Curriculum. She served on the NJ Governor’s Advisory Council Against Sexual Assault. Her training expertise includes domestic violence; sexual assault investigations; officer-involved domestic violence; human trafficking; abuse of the elderly, disabled and impaired; and women in law enforcement topics.

  Currently, Captain Roman is authoring two books: Domestic Violence Kills and Battered Blue. Captain Roman is the Managing Editor and writes a monthly column for a law enforcement publication NJ Blue Now Magazine. She is the founder of Violence Intervention and Prevention Specialists and is a keynote and motivational speaker.

  Captain Roman is a radio talk show personality and hosts two internet talk radio shows: Tough Justice and The Jersey Beat. She is the Public Relations Liaison for the National Coalition of Latino Officers (NCLO) and the Hispanic American Law Enforcement Association (HALEA). Captain Roman is a member of ILETTA and is a Law Enforcement Advisory Board member of the NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault and the Essex County Courts [NJ] Domestic Violence Working Group. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

John Griffin

John GriffinSME:Narcotics Investigations
    DEA Certified Clan Lab Tech,
    Site Safety Officer, Clan Lab              
    Entry, and Advanced Clan Lab  
    Certified Drug Recognition Expert
    Certified Hazardous Material  
    Certified Police Instructor
Degree: Associate of Science
    Bachelor of Science
Area of Study: LE Administration

  John started his career in the United States Army serving as a Combat Medic and a Combat Lifesaver Instructor. After serving his Country, John wanted to serve in another capacity, and became a Law Enforcement Officer in South Carolina. John still serves as a certified Law Enforcement Sergeant who has an expertise in Gangs and Narcotics, and specializes in Clandestine Lab Investigations. John is certified through the DEA as a Clan Lab Tech, a Clan Lab Site Safety Officer/Instructor, a Clan Lab Entry Tactical Raid Operator, an Advanced Clan Lab Investigator, and a Certified Hazardous Material Tech. John is also the Founder of the 15th Circuit Tactical Meth Enforcement Team, where he has spent much of his time educating law enforcement officers on Methamphetamine Awareness as well as Meth Identification and the dangers law enforcement officers face that go along with Methamphetamine and the Clandestine Labs used by Meth cooks to produce the extremely addictive Narcotic. John is eager to parlay his experience and knowledge to helping law enforcement officer’s gain the skills knowledge required to identify the extremely addictive Narcotic Methamphetamine.

Nina Blemmer, CFE, PCI DEA (Retired)

Nina BlemmerSME:Narcotics Investigation
         Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
         Fraud Investigationsr
Degree: Master of Arts, Communication, University of Oklahoma
        Bachelor of Arts (Human Resources)
Professional: Association of Former Federal Narcotics Association (AFFNA)
Membership:Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)
       Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering
       Specialists (ACAMS)
       ASIS International
       Project Management Institute (PMI)

  Nina Blemmer is a retired Resident Special Agent in Charge of the DEA. She is an accomplished investigator of narcotics, financial, and major crimes, as well as a contract advisor for targeting, intelligence, and international counter-narcotics and financial crimes. She holds credentials as a Profession Certified Investigator (PCI) and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).
  She began her law enforcement career as a Police Officer with Norfolk and Virginia Beach Police Departments before becoming a Special Agents with the U.S Government. Nina Blemmer has worked in a number of locations throughout the U.S. and several foreign countries. She has been involved in countless drug and financial cases from inception through complex investigation and tracking activities and proceeds of crime, to successful prosecution or adjudication. As a leader and serving in a diplomatic capacity, she has overseen international and domestic investigations and managed a number of task forces. Her experience, specialized training, and expertise has provided her with the insight of the challenges of complex investigations into criminal organizations.
  Following her 23 year DEA career, Nina served for a few more years and in Iraq and Afghanistan as a law enforcement advisor to U.S. Military and coalition forces, where she provided expertise in Rule of Law, investigations, intelligence, forensic evidence collection/management, targeting, counter-terrorism, financial and narcotics crimes.
  She is also certified in cyber forensic investigation and counter-intelligence, and is a Qualified Workplace Violence Specialist.
  Nina Blemmer has provided a number of presentations, most recently regarding security and cyber security for business travelers. She provides mentoring to other professionals and to community members. In addition to various professional certifications, she holds a Master of Arts degree in Communication from the University of Oklahoma and is planning to pursue a second Masters in Forensic Accounting.

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