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Global Police Solutions would like to welcome Shannon Desmond to our team of instructors. Shannon is a retired Senior Special Agent with the Department of Justice, Bureau of ATF. She has served in LE for 30 years with accomplishments in Complex Conspiracy and Firearms Trafficking Investigations. Shannon worked eight years as a Deputy Sheriff with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in Gainesville, Florida, before accepting a position with ATF. With ATF, She investigated violations of Federal Firearms, Explosive, Narcotics and Arson laws with expertise in Firearms Trafficking and Post Blast investigation. She served as the primary instructor at various seminars nationally and internationally for the combined ATF and Provincial Weapons Unit, Toronto, Canada regarding Firearms Trafficking Investigation Techniques, and is eager to assist City, County and State LE with their investigative needs
Global Police Solutions would like to welcome Nina Blemmer to our team of instructors. Nina is a retired Resident Special Agent in Charge of the DEA.  She is an accomplished investigator of narcotics, financial, and major crimes, as well as a contract advisor for targeting, intelligence, and international counter-narcotics and financial crimes. Nina has worked in locations throughout the U.S. and several foreign countries. She has been involved in countless drug and financial cases from inception through complex investigation and tracking activities and proceeds of crime, to successful prosecution or adjudication. As a leader and serving in a diplomatic capacity, she has overseen international and domestic investigations and managed a number of task forces. Her experience, specialized training, and expertise has provided her with the insight of the challenges of complex investigations into criminal organizations, and is eager to assist law enforcement officers in becoming skilled and knowledgeable professionals in their field
Global Police Solutions would like to welcome Donna Roman, Captain, CPD (Retired), to our Team of Instructors. Captain Roman served in law enforcement for 26 years with the Essex County Police and Caldwell Police Departments in New Jersey. She was the first female officer hired by the Caldwell Police Department and its first female to achieve a command rank within the Department. Captain Roman possesses extensive leadership, supervisory and investigatory experience. In 2006 Captain Roman was named the 1st Runner-up for the National Positive Award for heroism in the line of duty for rescuing a victim of domestic violence from her batterer, is a certified Domestic Violence Police Specialist and a Court Certified Domestic Violence Expert, as well as being a Published Author. Donna brings an extensive level of experience and education to our team, and is excited to assist today's law enforcement officer become true professionals in their field.
Global Police Solutions would like to welcome Mr. Bert Von Hermann, JD., to our instructor staff. Bert is an experienced trial attorney, who as lead council with the 15th Circuit Solicitors Office, prosecuted over 50 murder trials. Two of these cases were two nationally recognized cases involving homicide by child abuse forging advances in the legal acceptance of accountability of women consuming drugs while pregnant killing an unborn child, as well as advancing a successful prosecution in a Homicide case where the body was not recovered. In 2008 he established The von Herrmann Law Firm and has been involved as a litigation attorney in over 1000 cases both in the civil arena as well as criminal.
Global Police Solutions is proud to welcome two new instructors to our instructor staff. Greg Bennett is a retired Lieutenant from the Middlesex County (NJ) Sheriff’s Office. With 25 years of law enforcement and 28 years of fire service experience, Greg adds a unique level of expertise to the GPS Instructor Staff. Greg served as the Commander of the MCSO 40 member Rapid Deployment Team as part of the NJ Secure the Cities Initiative, and was the sole MCSO instructor for all areas of Incident Command and Management; Domestic Preparedness and Response; Hazardous Materials; CBRNE; Radiological/Nuclear Awareness; Respiratory Protection; Counterterrorism Awareness and Emergency Response to Terrorism as well as the MCSO Liaison to the Middlesex County Counterterrorism Task Force where he served until his retirement.

Critiques from our Students

• "Awesome Course, Glad to be a part of it"
• "The Negotiation scenarios presented during this course were the most realistic and in depth I have ever been involved in". "Great Job"
• "Jim's passion for negotiations made this class one of the most influential classes that I have attended in 10yrs!"
• "I Loved the course, can't wait for Level II"
• "Very Skilled Instructor!"

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At Global Police Solutions, we believe the more you can get officers involved in the class, the more they will learn, and ultimately retain. For this reason, our instructors take a “Hands On” approach to teaching. We make your officers comfortable by providing drinks and snacks throughout our classes as well as use Giveaways to increase class participation. We do all this while conducting a relaxed and informal class which produces an environment conducive to learning. Come see the difference and experience todays Professional Law Enforcement instruction for today’s Law Enforcement Professional.