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Critiques from our Students

• "Awesome Course, Glad to be a part of it"
• "The Negotiation scenarios presented during this course were the most realistic and in depth I have ever been involved in". "Great Job"
• "Jim's passion for negotiations made this class one of the most influential classes that I have attended in 10yrs!"
• "I Loved the course, can't wait for Level II"
• "Very Skilled Instructor!"
Global Police Solutions welcomes Gregory S. (Gregg) Jordan to our instructor staff. Gregg is a highly decorated police officer who has over 32 years of law enforcement, military & private security experience in the United States and the Middle East. Jordan began his career as a Deputy Sheriff in Georgia in 1981, and has risen through the ranks in each organization where he has served. Gregg also serves as a training consultant for Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security Organizations in the areas of Supervision & Management, Training Program Development & Management and Active Shooter Response. Gregg is eager to parlay his practical knowledge into quality training for those law enforcement officers who strive to be true professionals in their field.

Class Schedule

New Classes are being added on a regular basis

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Global Police Solutions is now holding Concealed Weapons Permit classes for Residents and Qualified Non-residents of South Carolina. Check back for Class dates and locations. We also offer Weapons Manipulation and Marksmanship classes for civilians who want more, advanced handgun training.

Critiques from our Students

• "Mr. Lilley is extremely personable and well versed on all topics of discusion"
• "Great presentation, excellent advanced training from a qualified instructor"
• "Global Police Solutions has the wonderful ability to not only capture, but maintain the attention of class participants. Instructor techniques prevent boredom. Very Pleased"
• "Best supervisor course I've ever attended"

Critiques from our Students

• "Love this course, very valuable information. Really like instructor, does a great job" course, Very relevant material"
• "One of the best class instructors I've had"
• "Excellent class" "A Super Instructor!"
• "Instructor was the best. He clearly cares about the class and works to make sure everyone is getting an understanding of the subject matter"

Critiques from our Students

• "Highly Professional; it showed they were very experienced"
• "The first class I have ever taken where the material wasn't dry!"
• "Wish every supervisor could take this class!"
• "Excellent Instructors, more than expected"
• "Outstanding course, Very relevant material"
• "One of the best class instructors I've had"
• "Excellent class" "A Super Instructor!"
• "It was good to receive instruction from someone with real world experience, not some house mouse who read a book on policing!"

Welcome to Global Police Solutions


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Global Police Solutions, LLC is a Premier International Police and Security Training provider that strives to achieve results
that exceed expectations through our commitment to our clients by “Instilling Professionalism through Training”

Veteran Owned and Operated

Thank You

At Global Police Solutions, we believe the more you can get officers involved in the class, the more they will learn, and ultimately retain. For this reason, our instructors take a “Hands On” approach to teaching. We make your officers comfortable by providing drinks and snacks throughout our classes as well as use Giveaways to increase class participation. We do all this while conducting a relaxed and informal class which produces an environment conducive to learning. Come see the difference and experience todays Professional Law Enforcement instruction for today’s Law Enforcement Professional.