SME:Narcotics Investigations
    DEA Certified Clan Lab Tech,
    Site Safety Officer, Clan Lab              
    Entry, and Advanced Clan Lab  
    Certified Drug Recognition Expert
    Certified Hazardous Material  
    Certified Police Instructor
Degree: Associate of Science
    Bachelor of Science
Area of Study: LE Administration

  John started his career in the United States Army serving as a Combat Medic and a Combat Lifesaver Instructor. After serving his Country, John wanted to serve in another capacity, and became a Law Enforcement Officer in South Carolina. John still serves as a certified Law Enforcement Sergeant who has an

expertise in Gangs and Narcotics, and specializes in Clandestine Lab Investigations. John is certified through the DEA as a Clan Lab Tech, a Clan Lab Site Safety Officer/Instructor, a Clan Lab Entry Tactical Raid Operator, an Advanced Clan Lab Investigator, and a Certified Hazardous Material Tech. John is also the Founder of the 15th Circuit Tactical Meth Enforcement Team, where he has spent much of his time educating law enforcement officers on Methamphetamine Awareness as well as Meth Identification and the dangers law enforcement officers face that go along with Methamphetamine and the Clandestine Labs used by Meth cooks to produce the extremely addictive Narcotic. John is eager to parlay his experience and knowledge to helping law enforcement officer’s gain the skills knowledge required to identify the extremely addictive Narcotic Methamphetamine.