SME: Politics, Law and Government
Degree:    Juris Doctor
Area of Study: Law, Criminal Justice, Government

Professor Wilson is a retired police officer from the city of Dearborn, Michigan. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Madonna University, a Master of Arts from the University of Detroit-Mercy, and a Juris Doctor from the College of Law at Michigan State University. Although Professor Wilson has been licensed to practice law for more than 25 years, he no longer practices law, but has devoted his time to teaching Pre-Law, American Government, and various criminal justice classes. Professor Wilson is a past chairman of the Criminal Justice Department at Colorado Northwestern where he not only taught classes within the degree

program, but was in charge of the Colorado basic police academy, the out-of-state certification program, and the National Park Service Ranger Training Academy. Professor Wilson continues to teach in Colorado via webcam. 
Professor Wilson brings with him a tremendous amount of insight into the inner workings of city, county, state, and federal governmental agencies, and is eager to assist police officers in their endeavors to become well educated in the field of law enforcement.  “Instilling professionalism through training”.